Friday, August 17, 2012

Slowly but surely!

My husband was out of town this week on business -and I just could not sleep! The bed was too big,and it was cold! And in keeping with crises happening when he's not home, my daughter had to have a cast on her right wrist (why yes, that is the hand she writes with!) because she most likely fractured her scaphoid bone. Go ahead, look it up - I'll wait.

Yeap - in keeping with my assuming the very worst, I am figuring she'll be casted for the next blessed 12 weeks!!! And she can't WRITE!! Did I also mention she is starting 10th grade? On Monday? So I'm stealing stitching time where I can get it, and it seems to be most regularly at my 15 minute (2) and my 30 minute lunch. That's where I've been making small, but definite progress on my pixie! And here she is!


  1. Your fairy is looking gorgeous. Hope you daughter gets better soon.

  2. Hope your daughter is okay, she won't be the first kid to go to school with a cast on, they'll know how to deal with.
    Pixie looks gorgeous, even if you are only spending a little time on her.

  3. I love the birth sampler. Are the initials for the parents? That's a really nice touch.

    The school might provide a scribe for your daughter or let her record the lessons and type up notes later (one handed typing being slow but legible!). Or she could ask the teacher for the lesson notes...

  4. I love what you started on your little pixie ☺ WOnder what the finish pic looks like!
    Keep it up ☺