Friday, August 17, 2012

Slowly but surely!

My husband was out of town this week on business -and I just could not sleep! The bed was too big,and it was cold! And in keeping with crises happening when he's not home, my daughter had to have a cast on her right wrist (why yes, that is the hand she writes with!) because she most likely fractured her scaphoid bone. Go ahead, look it up - I'll wait.

Yeap - in keeping with my assuming the very worst, I am figuring she'll be casted for the next blessed 12 weeks!!! And she can't WRITE!! Did I also mention she is starting 10th grade? On Monday? So I'm stealing stitching time where I can get it, and it seems to be most regularly at my 15 minute (2) and my 30 minute lunch. That's where I've been making small, but definite progress on my pixie! And here she is!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Some Stitching Progress!

I think I might be closing in on find out where my mojo has been hiding!! I've really enjoyed the Band Sampler RR that I signed up for. I signed up for it, so hopefully reignite my love of stitching and the desire to do so!! I think that's happening! Recently I've finished Karen's RR, shipping it off to my friend Jo in England!
I really loved all the bright colors! Yellow, as most people who know me know, is NOT my favourite color! But I did enjoy picking bands that I thought Karen would like! I've also got SOME progress on my Waterlily from Mirabila. I've been putting in the metallic in her dress - I did order the Kreinik even though I *hate* it, and am using it in her dress area. However, the wings are this same color, and I'm just not sure that's going to work on her wings!! I also always convert to Delicas, but am having a very hard time finding the beads for this one! Ahh, well. Here's the picture!
I'm hoping to do some more on her this week, but I have received the next RR, and it's pretty intensive, so I'm going to give it a lot of love!!