Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting the scrapping bug again...

I can feel it, that itch to scrapbook. I'm definitely ruled by which way the desire flows that's for sure. Usually it's one or the other but lately it's been the urge to scrapbook AND the desire to stitch. What a dither! Stitching has won lately and I'll be updating with a new picture of Purple Passion shortly. I only stitch on my days off ( I work part time at a bookstore) so it's only been worked on a couple of days. I'm really enjoying the pattern and the colors! It's a fast stitch too.

Coming up on the 4th of July holiday here, and that's always been fun since my birthday is July 3rd. When I was little, I used to think the fireworks were just for my birthday! My parents let me think that too! Boy was I disappointed!

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  1. Happy birthday...hope you have a great weekend!