Friday, June 25, 2010

Another New Start!!

I admit it-- I have startitis! I get bored with my current stuff and nothing will do until I find something new (hopefully in my stash!) and begin the process of matching fabric with chart and floss. It's a rush, an excitement of possibilities! The first stitch makes my heart trip a bit and I love watching the beginning of the design take shape.

So yesterday I gave in to my startitis and started Keslyn's Purple Passion. TO see this design and the other ones Keslyn's offers go visit their website.

Here's the picture of my start. I'm using Gloriana Seaweed and Silvery Moon Belfast Linen. I think it looks yummy! I'll post more when it's further along!


  1. Start looks great !! I have the same problem. I love to start stuff!!! I do go back to the others thinking.. This is a new start on an old project. LOL Sometimes it works... sometimes it don't.

  2. There is no cure for Startitis so luckily it is a good disease to have! LOL

    This looks great gf!

  3. Great design and great start. Just found your blog and looking forward to having a look around