Friday, August 17, 2012

Slowly but surely!

My husband was out of town this week on business -and I just could not sleep! The bed was too big,and it was cold! And in keeping with crises happening when he's not home, my daughter had to have a cast on her right wrist (why yes, that is the hand she writes with!) because she most likely fractured her scaphoid bone. Go ahead, look it up - I'll wait.

Yeap - in keeping with my assuming the very worst, I am figuring she'll be casted for the next blessed 12 weeks!!! And she can't WRITE!! Did I also mention she is starting 10th grade? On Monday? So I'm stealing stitching time where I can get it, and it seems to be most regularly at my 15 minute (2) and my 30 minute lunch. That's where I've been making small, but definite progress on my pixie! And here she is!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Some Stitching Progress!

I think I might be closing in on find out where my mojo has been hiding!! I've really enjoyed the Band Sampler RR that I signed up for. I signed up for it, so hopefully reignite my love of stitching and the desire to do so!! I think that's happening! Recently I've finished Karen's RR, shipping it off to my friend Jo in England!
I really loved all the bright colors! Yellow, as most people who know me know, is NOT my favourite color! But I did enjoy picking bands that I thought Karen would like! I've also got SOME progress on my Waterlily from Mirabila. I've been putting in the metallic in her dress - I did order the Kreinik even though I *hate* it, and am using it in her dress area. However, the wings are this same color, and I'm just not sure that's going to work on her wings!! I also always convert to Delicas, but am having a very hard time finding the beads for this one! Ahh, well. Here's the picture!
I'm hoping to do some more on her this week, but I have received the next RR, and it's pretty intensive, so I'm going to give it a lot of love!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I keep trying!

Lately it seems as if my life conspires to keep me from stitching. Or any crafting really. There's always just SO MUCH to do, take care of etc. My job is very good about making up time when you miss, and if you or someone like your kid has an appointment. But that eats into my time. I had hoped for a normal week this week, but alas THAT isn't happening LOL. I am not sure my life is acquainted with the word normal. Just makes it all more fun!! This is about the only thing I can post for stitching, as I'm not sure where the band sampler picture is hosted at the moment! This is my very slow progress on Waterlily, Garden Pixie from Nora Corbett ( Mirabilia) I'm stitching her on a piece of SMF hand dyed I've had forever. I LOVE this combination!
Have an awesome day!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I joined a Round Robin again in hopes of getting my stitching mojo back - I am VERY happy to report that it seems to be working!! These days I WANT actively to stitch, think about it at work, and plot out what I'm going to do when I get home. This is such a change for me AND I'm happy about it. I am starting to feel like my old self again. It was such a struggle for me to plot out my piece though - I had no confidence at ALL in the colors, the fabrics. I then had to do my part, figure out the design elements. I was so overwhelmed. It seems to be working nicely though!! So - I'm going to try and update here at least 1x a week, mostly on weekends I'd imagine - with pictures of what I'm working on! I have to take some, so I've got no pictures today. I'll update again this weekend! Hugs to all who read and happy stitches to you all!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

checking in again

I keep letting my life take over everything! I don't stitch much and I haven't scrapbooked in probably almost a year. But I'm trying to ease these things in my days, and I want to update more often! I want to be stitching - and to that end i joined a round robin! I'm working at the plan for it today-I'm hoping to pick the top bands and get fabric chosen today! Will post pictures when possible!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's really frustrating....

to feel NO ability to be creative at all. I cannot bring myself to stitch. I can't even think about scrapbooking. I need to finish gifts and cards, and there's just no way I can get them finished in time. I haven't taken a picture in months. I absoutely HATE feeling like this :(

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week in my life-Monday & Tuesday

So here we've been going with the Week In My Life challenge, and it's been a challenge that's for sure! I'm combining 2 days into one since I had to get into bed early last night and didn't have time to edit and resize pictures. I must confess I'm *REALLY* struggling with Blogger and inserting pictures. Not sure how to fix this or even where to start. Okay, on to the pictures (if I manage it!)!!


I cut my stepson's hair and was really struck by the curls that are so cute (but unmanageable on a 22 year old!) just laying on my bathroom floor.

My now 14 year old daughter doing what she's been doing best all summer! She's a gamer much like her mother! When did she grow up???

Very yummy chicken ceasar salads for dinner on Monday. Best part? I didn't have to cook! My wonderful husband did it all!


This was the hardest thing for me to do! I HATE taking pictures of myself, or even being in pictures! This didn't come out the best, but it'll do!!

Dunkin Donuts is a nearly daily stop on my way to work! I'm a total glazed stick addict and love getting a cherry coolatta or a Tropicana orange coolatta!

Finally, my princess kitty cat. This is Serenity, she's just over a year old, and she has got me wrapped around her delicate little paw. She's sitting by my chair waiting for me to stop what I'm doing and pet her. Which of course it is my entire reason for existing right?

I think this challenge is definitely making me look at all parts of my life and how some get emphasized in one day, and then not in another. It's an eye opener, and I just might learn something about myself this week!

Until tomorrow!